By Dave Kinsey

Inspired by The DaVinci Code and The Big Short, a true story about people, technology, and different visions for the future.

Blockchain is a product of the Crypto-Anarchist community called the Cypherpunks, which was founded with the premise of someday eliminating all governments on earth. It was conceived of as a technology to facilitate private, untraceable transactions between anonymous parties. Later, a “less anarchistic” version of the technology (permissioned Blockchain) was created and adopted by IBM and other companies. Advocates for both types of Blockchain have big plans to change the world.

On the surface, it may seem very confusing (even to some Blockchain “experts”), but this book explains it all in an easy to read narrative format where the technology is explained along the way. By the end of the journey, you might just become an expert in Crypto-Anarchy and Blockchain technology. You do not need to be technically inclined to read and enjoy this book. It’s been written so that everyone should learn something new.


Dave Kinsey

Dave Kinsey is a technologist, author, and business owner. As an author and an educator, Mr. Kinsey focuses on explaining technical concepts to a non-technical, business-oriented audience. He has been a software developer, database administrator, and managed a software development team. He also managed a Swiss Bank-developed foreign currency application for the Treasury Department of Motorola, at a time when Motorola was one of the largest corporations in the world. Mr. Kinsey’s life experiences prepared him to unravel and explain the mysteries of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. However, The Blockchain Code is a surprising book that he never expected to write.
A solid winner… this could be the authoritative book on the subject.

– Nelson miller

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Sometimes you choose to write a book, and apparently, sometimes the book chooses you. The last thing I would have expected to do was to write a book about Blockchain. I serve on a technology advisory group for the State Bar of Arizona. In late 2017, I received a...


Hidden deep in a jungle of complexity, obscured by fancy words and misinformation, lies the fascinating story of Blockchain. Its proponents have hailed the technology as the solution for many problems they propose are plaguing humanity. Skeptics denounce Blockchain,...